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Get Paid For Grades

grad-capAs a high school student, you’ve have gotten a bad reputation in today’s society.

Adults think most of you can’t advance past your high school education. They think you don’t care about improving your community, getting a good job, or bettering yourself at all. They think your difficult home life, learning disabilities, and ineffective teachers make it impossible for you to succeed—and that’s all there is to it, nothing will ever change.

Wouldn’t you love to prove them all wrong?!

A Chance to Get Ahead

Maybe things at home aren’t good. Perhaps you do have trouble learning. Your grades might have slipped because of some major life event that happened at the most inopportune time.

No matter what struggles you have in life, there is no reason why you should be cast aside by society.

Perhaps the real reason today’s youth struggle when entering college or the workforce is because the education system has remained the same for nearly 50 years. And this system does not provide you with the skills and abilities needed for today’s modern jobs.

Get Paid for Grades is a unique opportunity that could make a big impact in your life. Few other students are given a chance to received one-on-one training that will teach them essential life skills. This program includes 12 short workshops that teach important things you won’t learn anywhere else.
• Appropriate workplace actions, manners, communication styles, etiquette and more
• Basic office skills and technologies
• Professional behaviors and expectations
• Interview skills and resume writing tips

Students who work hard and have the right attitude have the most potential for future success.

There’s Cash Involved Too!

Learning valuable life skills is definitely valuable. You’ll be better prepared to enter the workforce, meaning you’ll be set apart from the competition—and more desirable to employers—when it comes time to find a job.

Those things are important—but cash is pretty great too!

Students who successfully complete the Get Paid for Grades program will be able to choose one of two financial packages. You can either request $500 cash, or the program will provide a $1,000 scholarship to whatever college you plan to attend.

To receive either of these financial gifts, you must attend all 12 workshops, improve your grades and make school attendance a priority.

Real life is just around the corner. Don’t you think it’s time to get serious about your future?

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