10 Must Have Free Apps for High School Students


Let’s face it. You’re not going anywhere without your phone. It’s your alarm clock, your camera, sometimes your mirror, as well as your primary means of communication. Chances are good you’ve heard your parents griping about how much time you spend looking at your phone. Despite what your parents think, however, it is possible to do something productive with your phone.

Download some (or all!) of these must-have apps and not only will you be more productive, but you can honestly tell your mom that you’re studying next time she asks what you’re doing on your phone.

Great Apps for Studying

  1. The Homework App (iOS /Android): Start the year on the right foot by keeping track of all your assignments in one handy location. This app is like having your own personal assistant who goes everywhere with you and makes sure you never forget anything. Set your class schedule up in the app, and the app helps you track your homework and class assignments. It notifies you of upcoming due dates, alerts you to deadlines and lets you monitor your progress with task completion.
  2. Google Drive (iOS/Android): A must have for every student, this app gives you complete access to all your files: documents, spreadsheets, presentations and more. Easy to use formats make it convenient to share files, print or edit from anywhere. With cloud based storage, there’s no need to worry about having the most recent version; your copy will always be up to date.
  3. Tiny Scan (iOS/Android): Tiny Scan turns your phone into a portable scanner. Your handwritten class notes can be converted easily into a portable PDF. Take your notes with you wherever or share them with friends who missed class.
  4. Study Blue (iOSAndroid): This sleek app allows you to create your own flashcards based on your current needs. Share them with friends, test yourself, sort and organize quiz information; it’s all possible with Study Blue. You can set up specific times to study and your phone will remind you when to take a study break.
  5. The Power Nap (Android): Scientifically proven to improve afternoon performance, reduce stress and provide a few moments of respite during a hectic day. Set the time for your ideal nap: 10, 15, 20 minutes and then doze off, taking a much deserved break from your day. When you wake up you’ll be refueled and ready to finish the day.

ACT and SAT Test Prep

  1. Khan Academy (iOS /Android): Studying for the ACT or SAT and need a little extra help in math? Download the Khan Academy app for general math lessons. The app covers everything from rations to geometry.
  2. Vocabulary Builder (iOS /Android) Build your vocabulary for fun or for SAT, ACT or GRE test prep. This app boasts over 1000 of the most important vocabulary words to increase test performance. Quiz yourself while you are on the go.
  3. KÜDZOO (iOS /Android): Download the KÜDZOO app for daily SAT prep trivia and scholarship information. This app will give you credit for things like checking in to school and grade improvements on your report card. Your activity will be rewarded with KÜDZOO cash (Ü) that may be redeemed for gift cards and discounts in your favorite stores and restaurants.

Language Apps

  1. Foreign Language (iOS): Created by the Renkara Media Group, this collection of apps is perfect for any student taking a foreign language. With versions available in French, Chinese, Spanish, Italian and more, no matter what language you’re learning, this app can help. Listen to correct pronunciations of the words by a native speaker, practice using the built-in flash cards, test your knowledge with a variety of quiz styles and even use it hands free while jogging. With this app’s help, you’ll be fluent in no-time. Muy bien!
  2. Duolingo (iOS/Android) This gamification app infuses traditional learning with fun exercises to help students to read, listen and speak a variety of languages. You will be able have fun learning a new language anytime, anywhere!

Before you head back to class, make sure you grab some of these must-have apps to help you put your phone to good use.