About Us

Created in 2013, Paid for Grades is supported by the Pinellas Education Foundation and funded by a local business owner. The goal of Paid for Grades to help support and motivate underachieving students.


Monica_2 Monica Eaton-Cardone – Paid for Grades founder, author, speaker and international entrepreneur.

Personal motto: “Don’t wait for a solution, create one. Don’t look for change, be that change.”

After studying at Idaho State University, Mrs. Eaton-Cardone chose to implement her acquired business skills and utilize her developed talents of marketing and leading a business. She ventured into entrepreneurship at the early age of 19.

Mrs. Eaton-Cardone is the co-founder of Global Risk Technologies, Chargebacks911 and eConsumerServices, fulfilling executive roles at each.

Additionally, Mrs. Eaton-Cardone supports the local community, as well as several education organizations. Mrs. Eaton-Cardone is committed to providing students with a strong foundation for success. She is a passionate educator who founded Paid for Grades in an effort to improve student literacy and confidence by providing support to local schools and tutoring programs.

“At Paid for Grades, we believe our children are the most important investment we will ever make, and that public schools are vital to our nation’s success. However, limited resources and an ever-growing student population means that our teachers and administrators are spread increasingly thin each year. We work alongside schools to address this challenge, supplementing educators’ efforts and incentivizing students to achieve more than they believed was possible. Through our partnerships with area schools, we believe that we can build a better and more successful community for generations to come.” -Monica Eaton-Cardone

To learn more about Monica Eaton-Cardone, visit her personal website at MonicaEC.com. Or, connect with Mrs. Eaton-Cardone on Twitter and LinkedIn.


CaptureSandra Gray
– Program Manager, Workshop Developer for Paid for Grades and Director of Human Success and Development/Corporate Responsibility for Chargebacks911.

Personal Motto: “An investment in yourself will yield the highest rewards.”

Ms. Gray has been an advocate for education for over 20 years. She has held the roles of Campus Director, College Administrator, College Program Director, Professor and Director of Community Relations.

The greatest joy in her career has been motivating high school students to believe in their own achievement and invest in their future.  Ms. Gray continues her commitment to education by supporting the mission of Paid for Grades by improving literacy, confidence and human success.

Contact Sandra Gray at s.gray@getpaidforgrades.org.  Or, connect with Ms. Gray on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Pinellas Ed FoundationFounded in 1986 by Chairman Emeritus, Dr. Gus A. Stavros, the Pinellas Education Foundation is a coalition of business and community leaders who work together to improve the quality of public education.

The mission of the Pinellas Education Foundation is to enhance and improve educational opportunities in Pinellas County Schools. Their vision is that every student will be prepared for life after high school, whether the choice is to attend college, to enter the workforce, or to obtain technical training. For more information about the Pinellas Education Foundation, please visit PinellasEducation.org


download (1)Founded in 2000 by technologist Richard Capone and by Dr. Richard McCallum, a renowned reading expert out of UC Berkeley California. Let’s Go Learn’s mission is to provide automated, individualized diagnostic testing, data, reporting, and instruction to boost an individual student’s performance in reading and math. LGL Math and Reading assessments have been administered over 7,000,000 times worldwide. For more information, please visit letsgolearn.com.