Teachers & Administrators

Think of how potent that one bad apple is in a class full of eager, young students. Now, think of how influential one enthusiastic, empowered student would be. What if we could create an entire generation of self-confident students who are consistently progressing academically, socially and philanthropically?

Motivating Students For Greatness

Students who work hard and have the right attitude have the most potential for future success. Before long, students will realize there is much more to life than just surviving; they are actually capable of succeeding.

Providing Financial Support

The financial support provided by Paid for Grades benefits everyone involved–teachers, administrators, and students.

Funding for Tutors and Teachers

TeacherPaid for Grades will provide financial compensation to tutors selected by the school’s administration. Tutors may include current teachers, mentors and outside tutoring companies. The tutor will administer the online reading test and work with the student until the next reading level is achieved. Once the student’s reading level is achieved, the tutor will be awarded $400 per student.

Funding for the School

SchoolAdditionally, the school will be awarded a $100 Microsoft gift certificate for each student who successfully completes the program. This funding can be used to purchase classroom technologies that will enhance all students’ learning experiences.

Funding for Students

StudentHigh school students who complete the Paid for Grades program will be awarded $500. The program will be successfully completed once the student’s reading level has improved,  12 online workshops are finished, overall grades have increased, and the student accrued no more than 8 absences while in the program.


Paid for Grades hopes to inspire change—to encourage students to be leaders in their school, society, and economy.

Grades K-3 or High School